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Gallery 46

In Galleri 46 you find many exciting exhibitions all year round. During the summer half (April to September), Galleri 46 displays works of the permanent artists of the gallery and a number of works of the owner, Jørgen Steinicke.

Furthermore, you may experience the working workshop of the artist as Jørgen Steinicke is working in the gallery in the summer months, mostly on rather big works of art that are displayed in the following season.

During the summer half, the garden is open for all visitors – a quite big garden i.a. including a baroque garden. You are welcome to spend some time in the garden and enjoy your picnic – we may offer a cup of coffee.

Jørgen Steinicke was born in Copenhagen in 1949 and is an autodidactic painter. He is an MA in history and history of art from the university in Copenhagen. Since 1984, he has lived in the old Tirslund Skole (school) in Holsted and had his gallery in the buildings. Jørgen Steinike is a regarded lecturer in the dissemination of art.

During the winter half, Galleri 46 arranges 4 yearly exhibitions with art of first quality – from Danish and foreign artists. Every year in March, an open juried exhibition with participants from all over Denmark is arranged.

Please call in advance and ask for opening hours.