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Brørup Market

Experience the real market atmosphere at Brørup Market, also called"Brørup Husdyrauktion og Kræmmermarked - Brørup Marked".

Every Friday morning there is cheerful and casual atmosphere when all the hawkers install their stalls to sell all their bits and bobs, fruits and vegetables and living small animals like poultry and rabbits. Brørup Marked is composed of an outside hawkers’ market - Kræmmermarked – a hawkers’ market in 3 houses – Det indre Marked – and a market for farm animals – Brørup Husdyrauktion. 

It is a great experience to walk about the many stalls, watch the wide range of goods, find missing things and to haggle over the price. Most people come to Brørup Marked in order to make a good bargain and to chat. Both children and adults will find good things and get a thrill. There are no catchpenny shows, shooting booths and merry-go-rounds at the market.

At 12.00 hours the farm animal auction begins. Here farmers and businessmen buy and sell calves, cows and bulls for millions of kroner in the best traditional auction manner in a hectic atmosphere. You are welcome at the auction – but if you wave, you may have bid on a cow!

Good bargains are celebrated in Markedsrestauranten where you get solid classic meals with plenty of meat and sauce.

The first auction of farm animals in Brørup took place on Friday, 30 November 1956 in rented premises. In 1957, the real auction hall next to the abattoir in Brørup was opened. The turnover increased from 170 animals on the first day to 1,336 animals in the first year and then to 31,498 animals in 1969. The hawkers’ market outside the auction premises was started at the beginning of the 1970s.



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