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worth seeing, touching and remembering

Photo:Anette Dons&VisitVejen
Nature, art and cultural history

Wellcome to Vejen, Brørup, Holsted, Rødding, Hovborg and Jels

The area south of Billund, east of Ribe and west of Kolding offers attractive places providing overnight accommodation as well as several experiences for children with animals and Vikings. Visit Vejen Kunstmuseum (Art museum), Hærvejen, the old Military Road, or go for a walk on the Kongeåsti (track for hikers).

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Her finder du byerne

Her ligger byerne


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Vælg selv blandt allehånde oplevelser

Uanset om du er til stor kunst i hårde sten eller små bløde dyr i naturen, så kan vi byde på allehånde oplevelser i Vejen og omegn. Her er noget for alle aldre, nørdede interesser, hyggedyr og kunstkendere. Kom og oplev det sammen. 

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I Sønderskovs kælder ligger Restaurant Herregårdskælderen
Restaurant Herregårdskælderen

Here you find the entire palette of eating places. From the creative kitchen of the gourmet chefs, the classic kitchen of the inn to cafes with burger menus and confectioners offering delicacies for the sweet tooth. At some of the locations you can experience dishes prepared with locally products. Follow these links to find what you would like to enjoy.

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The best facilities for your sleep

Whether you are on holiday or a business trip, you need a good night’s sleep. Here you find all sorts of night accommodations. For any purse. For any time at the year.

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