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Compactgolf at Søgården, Brørup

Behind Hotel Søgården in Brørup an 18-hole compact golf course is situated, which is the ideal frame for a cosy common outdoor activity.

Compact golf is a mix of minigolf and classic golf, making it easy for everybody to attend simultaneously and a bit more challenging for some than minigolf normally is. The courses are laid out with artificial grass, which makes the ball act like a real golf ball on a green.

Compact golf is also suitable for a common family activity, teambuilding activity in connection with meetings or company outing, stag party entertainment, or as an amusing activity for a get-together or party.

A group of 4 persons can play all holes within approx. 1 hour.

The course must be booked on beforehand at the reception of Søgården, where you on arrival receive playing rules, clubs, and balls. Søgården also offers restaurant, bowling centre, meeting rooms, etc.

Opening hours are from 14-21 or as per agreement from Easter until after the autumn holiday for as long as weather permits it.