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Facts, Vejen Municipality

Area: 814 km2

Population:  42.612  (on 1 January 2022)

Towns: Vejen, Brørup, Holsted, Rødding, Jels

Nature: Several small rivers rise and run through Vejen Kommune: Kongeåen, which i.a. rises in Gamst Søenge and flows towards the Wadden Sea, Holme Å rising in Gispel Mose and running into Varde Å and Holsted Å which rises in Vejen Mose and runs into Varde Å.

The famous line of the maximum extent of the last glacial period was in in the eastern part of Vejen Kommune and at Jels Søerne you find a small sub glacial stream trench. The landscape is characterized by large woodlands. In the north you find the Københavnerplantager (plantations) where common spruces were planted in the moorland and in the south there are large areas with the typical Danish beech forests. These very different types of nature are habitats for a number of unique species of animals and plants.

Traffic: Both the railway between Esbjerg and Kolding and the motorway E20 cross Vejen Kommune. 150 years ago the traffic went north-south on Hærvejen and on Drivervejen, instead. Today, Hærvejen is one of the big tourist attractions for bike riders and wanderers.

Places of employment: A number of rather big factories are situated in Vejen Kommune, e.g. Solar, Louis Poulsen and Eurofins. Furthermore, you find quite a lot of food manufacturers, e.g. Danish Crown’s slaughterhouse in Holsted, Aquapri, producing food fish, and a large number of farms.