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The Kongeå Path

Take a walk along the stream called Kongeå on the Kongeå Path.

Here you will get extremely close to a dramatic part of Denmark’s history. During several periods the area around the Kongeå was the borderland, latest from 1864 to 1920. In this period the Kongeå was the border between Denmark and the Empire of Prussia. You will get very close to the Kongå, because the hiking path runs along the stream over a very long section offering you the possibility of experiencing some of Denmark’s most unique nature.

The facilities along the Kongeå Path, such as bridges, shelters, info-stands, canoe places, etc. are special designs developed in connection with the Kongeå Project. All structures have been made in raw oak timber to match the nature of the protected Kongeå valley.

Practical information
The route consists primarily of hiking paths, so wear robust footwear. In certain seasons of the year some of the path sections can be wet. At several locations the stream is crossed via 8 newly constructed bridges and crossings. The path is clearly marked with stands along the Kongeå Path and the route is marked from west towards east, but this should not hinder you from walking from east towards west. Most sections of the hiking path is primarily grass, meadow, and farm tracks and a few sections are asphalt roads with limited traffic. The route is not friendly to prams and wheel chairs. Along the path there is a number of selected places with hotspots and you can get information about the history and the nature digitally. The Kongeå Path is 67 km from the start at the eastern boarder of the municipality of Vejen, Vejen Kommune, to the sluice, Kongeåslusen, at the Wadden Sea. The Section in Vejen Kommune from east to Villebøl is 35 km long. Along the route, it is possible to walk shorter tours and several options of interesting detours. Furthermore, you will find parking,  rest and shelter areas.

Dogs are not allowed - not even on a leash. A large part of the Kongeå Path passes through private areas, and as you are a guest, we kindly ask you to respect this by only walking on foot on the marked route, respect grazing animals and only sleep at the allocated shelter areas.

A leaflet has been published about the Kongeå Path and you find it in the leaflet boxes places next to all digital info stands.