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Package tour Ancient Road (Hærvejen) from Jelling via Bække and Jels to Vojens

Experience the Ancient Road (Hærvejen) on a 6-day hike from Jelling via Bække, Vejen and Jels to Vojens with overnight stays at cosy hotels and inns in the landscape.

You luggage will be transported from place to place, and you do not have to worry about meals through the day. You can enjoy to the full your hike through some of Jutland’s most beautiful and varying landscapes on a stretch of the Ancient Road loaded with history of the Ancient Road, history of Denmark and beautiful nature.

More than thousand years ago, before cars filled the roads and before railways connected the major towns, the main road of Jutland followed the watershed down through the country. Here people from all walks of life wandered -  pilgrims, highwaymen, the aristocracy, beggars, craftsmen, tradesmen, cattlemen with their oxen and kings with their armies. The Ancient Road was never constructed. It came into existence. Where people went and where it was possible to pass depending of the time of year. Today, signs display the hiking trail supplemented by detailed maps analogically and digitally. At some locations, today’s hiking trail follows the original routing, while other locations follow the more quiet roads and trails of today.

On your hiking holiday from Jelling to Vojens, you will pass through some of the most beautiful landscapes of Jutland. The hike is approx. 96 kilometres divided over 5 lovely hiking days.

From the Royal Town of Jelling, with the monument for the adoption of Christianity in Denmark and the museum,  Kongernes Jelling, you pass by Fårup Sø down into the extremely beautiful Vejle Ådal. Here you will find traces of the Vikings and you will follow an ancient railway line up to Bindeballe Købmandsgård (merchant’s house). A living museum which is indeed worth a visit. From here the walk continues out of Vejle Ådal to the more flat and rough earlier moorland towards Bække. Here you meet the ancient monument, Klebæk Høje, the large Hamborggårdsten, the church and runic stone in Bække. In Bække Brugs you can buy something nice to eat. The tour now follows the original routing of the Ancient Road. We know this for certain due to the landscape between Bække and Vejen. Near Læborg Kirke, a nice place for a small rest, the route turns away from the road and you experience the cultural landscape at close range. Vejen city offers Vejen Kunstmuseum (Art Museum) and good shopping opportunities. Not far from Vejen and the folk high school town of Askov, the monument park, Skibelund Krat, is located and shortly after you will cross the Kongeåen. Now the hiking route follows the Kongeåen and continues towards Jels through a large woodland. This is where you can relax for real when you passes through the Cathedral of the Forest. In Jels you can take a swim in the water of Jels Søbad (bathing resort), before your hike continues through the large Stursbøl Plantage (plantation) to Jegerup and Vojens, where the hike ends at the statue of the Skrydstrup girl.

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Day stages: 
Day 1 -  arrival day in Jelling no hiking
Day 2 -  between 10-16 km (depending on location of overnight accommodation)
Day 3  - approx. 19 km
Day 4 – approx. 24 km
Day 5 – approx. 20 km
day 6 – approx. 22 km