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Poul Erik Rosenberg Jespersen, guide

Poul Erik is a professional tourist guide. He know all the details in making a tour a great experience, meaning that you can relax and just enjoy the trip.
He can tell stories related to the Danish history, not like a lecture but as infotainment.

Suggestions for trips:
1½ hours walking tours:
- Walking tours in Skibelund Krat with the stories of the time when this was the old boarder to Germany
- Art tour with focus on the Danish sculpture artist Niels Hansen Jacobsen
- Citywalk in Vejen

5-6 hours bustrips:
- The 1864-boarder to Germany
- History of the Danish schools known as ‘Højskoler’

5-6 hours walking:
- Walking along the old boarder and ‘Kongeåen’
- Walking on the old ancient road ‘Hærvejen’

What to know before you book:
Up to 25 people in a group

Contact Poul Erik Rosenberg Jespersen through his webpages to get more information on the guided tours and prices: