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Thue Uhre Lauridsen, guide

Book a guided bike ride with Thue and Susanne, they know all the small roads and all the stories of the area. Susanne will guide the tour in front of the group while Thue will be the one to tell all the stories.
The bike rides are between 15-30 kilometers long, with start and stop being in the same location.
Thue and Susanne wants the bike rides to be enjoyable for all, so the pace is set for groups of 20-50 people. Thue likes to tell stories from the area, including stories about the time this part of Denmark was under German rule.

What to know before you book:
Dress for the weather and remember your bike.

Contact Thue Uhre Lauridsen for information and booking:
Preferably by e-mail: thue-tri@rnet.dk
Phone after 5PM: + 45 2398 0373