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Tinghøj, burial mound, Klelund Plantage

At the southern end of Klelund Plantage, you find Tinghøj, a burial mound from the Stone Age.

The mound has a diameter of 11 m and a height of almost 1 m. The barrow stone circle around the mound is preserved. On the middle of the mound, you find a chamber tomb with a big capstone.

A little south of Tinghøj, close to the main building at Klelund, another burial mound has been situated which, however, has been demolished. In this burial mound, a big fine battle axe and 750 amber pearls were found – the next biggest find in Denmark. If you look at this burial mound together with the monumental long dolmen in Klelund, and Store Jyndovn, situated approx. 2 km away, it indicates that a rich religious, cultic or social society has lived around Klelund during the New Stone Age and that the population has been in contact with other areas in Europe.