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Troldeparken in Vejen and "The singing stones"

Troldeparken (The Troll Park) and De syngende Sten (The Singing Stones) are located in the city park Vejen Anlæg. The park offers a playground and many cosy bench and table areas. The perfect location for a picnic with especially small children.

The main entrance to Troldeparken is just opposite of Østergade and at the entrance you meet an idyllic lake, which is the residence of ducks. At the lakeside and on a small island in the lake, friendly troll sculptures are ready to trigger your fantasy. The troll is a landmark of the city of Vejen and can be found in many versions around the city. The trolls are based on the author Birgit Bjerre’s children’s books about the trolls in the forest Lerbjergskoven. 

In 2013 a brand-new playground in a marvellous troll style with an aerial ropeway and a troll castle was taken into use. The playground equipment is built between the trees in the forest. Next to the playground is both toilet and picnic pavilion.

Vejen Anlæg offers large open greens with plenty of room for playing, ball games and picnic. On the green, shelter can always be found. Across the green, a small stream winds between small and large stones. The water level is highest after rainfall, and you are welcome to play with the water.

De Syngende Sten - The Singing Stones
The stone collection ’De Syngende Sten’ can also be found in the city park, Vejen Anlæg. The collection comprises approx. 25 large and characteristic stones all containing creatures, which only you can spot. Be it a horse, a sheep, or the troll – look for yourself. Climbing stones with impact surfaces, so that children can explore the stones safely. Some of the stones can actually sing: Pipes are inserted in a stone and when tapping on the pipes with a stock or patting the openings, you can create tones. In another stone, holes have been drilled and by clapping the holes with your hand, you can play it.

The forest in Vejen Anlæg offers small, short walks. 

The Troll Park is located approx. 500 m from the town centre of Vejen, where you can buy something to eat and drink. Free parking at the address Fuglesangsallé 10, DK-6600 Vejen.