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The village in work, Hygum Hjemstavnsgård

The village in Work and Celebration at Hygum Hjemstavnsgård is an event with many activities there shows how live was lived in the countryside when our grandparents where young:
- Experience the old house in the farm as it was in 1910
- See how the blacksmith worked, here in a workshop from 1836
- How does the old stone own work? Come and taste the rolls made like they did back in the days
- Take a walk in the vegetable garden where you can see crops that was important for the household such as buckwheat, flax and tobacco
-   What did they use to heat up the house you might ask. Come and see how to make fuel from cut peat

Activities for children
You can take a ride in a horse-carriage, play with the toys that the children played with 100 years ago or use the playground on the museum grounds.